Our Board of Trustees

Our board members are seasoned and top notch professionals with integrity. They are passionate about peace in the family, community and the world.

Ayo Ayoola- Amale is Lawyer, Ombuds, Certified Conflict Resolution and Social Impact Consultant, Peace builder, Educator, Creative Director and the Lead / Senior, Partner at First Conflict Resolution Services Inc.   A certified conflict coach, she designs, develop, and facilitates training programs, and has extensive experience working with individual, organizational and multicultural conflict scenarios. What’s important to her, is making peace, impacting lives and also helping leaders in their business to create higher-performing organizations as an investment. Her experience led her to turning around toxic workplaces to become productive, profitable and healthier places to be in, as well as helping people to become happier. She is passionate about peacebuilding, conflict management, developing vital communities, improving communication, culture, diversity, and inclusion.  Ayo’s peacebuilding is divinely inspired by the strong calling to a higher purpose of life.

She joined the peace movement at a very young age and became the Lead of Girls Guide as a teenager. Ayo was a devoted Girl Guide in her teens where there are Girl Guiding groups set up with a focus to work on social justice issues, such as violence against women and girls. She later became a member of Women in Nigeria (WIN) and peace-building became a lifetime commitment. Ayo is acknowledged as the Muse for Peace and a Poet for positive social change. Her works often use art forms in peacebuilding, in developing new thinking around economic and progressive social change issues, often including poetry and the arts as a catalyst and transformational vehicle to create systemic positive change. She is a Peace and Social change advocate and passionate supporter of justice and equal rights who look for innovative ways to promote peace through poetry and the arts.

A dedicated advocate for Girl’s education and Women’s rights who has built up the tools to be a promoter for women and girls by empowering them to see new possibilities and clear insights. Ayo is constantly focused on conflict resolution, and peace-building, she believes that Peace is a Human Right and culture that we build by educating young people. Apart from her Conflict Resolution and Peace work, Ayo has served and serves on International Boards. And in 2014, she was awarded Honourable Global Mediator. Ayo is the author of law books, literary works- poetry books, artworks, and plays. She is a recipient of international awards in peace, mediation, and poetry.

Pheola Anyanna Caulcrick LLB, LLM, MILD, FCIArb ( Uk) Accredited Mediator. An Urbane, articulate, and experienced Legal Practitioner. A Barrister at law that was called to the Nigerian Bar in 1984. A respected legal Practitioner with a bias for Commercial law. An experienced Arbitrator and a Mediator.

Mrs. Caulcrick has Masters’s Degrees in Law and International Law and Diplomacy. She is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Arbitrators (Uk) and an accredited Mediator. She is also an Assessor in the Lagos State Family Court.

She was Legal Adviser and Company Secretary of a top-notch Publicly quoted company for about 10 years. Mrs. Caulcrick is married to a Lagosian, Capt Samuel Akinyele Caulcrick, an Aviation Expert, and they are blessed with two sons.

Mrs. Caulcrick is on the Board of some reputable companies and Organizations. She is also the Deputy Chairman of the DLW Mediation Commission. Her interests include; Traveling, Gardening, Reading, Tennis, and Peace Missions.

Christiana Olufunmilayo modupe Obinzu Dosunmu


A Judge at the Lagos state judiciary

A Chartered Mediator.

A peace Advocate.

A passionate peace builder.

Worked as a volunteer mediator at the Citizens Mediation Centre under the Ministry of justice before appointment to the bench.

Abiye Tam-George is accredited Regional Attorney-Mediator with the Compliance Advisor Ombudsman (CAO) for the International Financial Corporation (IFC) and the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) of the World Bank Group. She is a certified Mediator with the Lagos State Multi-Door Courthouse. A member distinguished panel of Neutrals LMDC. Abiye has a PGD in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution. She is an astute mediation advocate and a motivational speaker. Her love for education has made her pioneer different seminars and workshops on educational advancement.

Abiye is the visionary-in-chief of ATG Legal, a cosmopolitan law firm with consulting legal practitioners, mediators and Arbitrators. Her acclaimed community legal literacy project titled; Live.better.everyday offers free legal advice and counselling on various legal issues in communities and partners in different locations. It is also a digital program created to make sound, incontestable, accessible and delightful legal advice and opinions to individuals, institutions and governments.

She is the Vice President – Association of Environmental Lawyers of Nigeria. Chairlady Welfare Committee – Nigerian Bar Association Lagos Branch. Executive Director – Tamabofri Educational Services Lagos. Director Legal – Institute of Communication and Corporate StudiesLagos. Chairlady – Child Rights Committee African Bar Association. Former Public Relation Officer – African Women Lawyers Association Lagos.  Former Chairlady – Project Committee, International Federation of Women Lawyers Lagos. Secretary – Premier Bar Co-operative, NBA, Lagos Branch.Former Treasurer – Central Schools Board Management Committee Eti-Osa Local Government AreaLagos State. Former Vice Chairlady- Schools Board Management Committee Langbasa Primary School Eti-Osa Local Government AreaLagos State,etc. She is a member of FemWise Africa.

She is a member of the Board of Trustees; Lawyers in Oil and Gas Network, Association of Environmental Lawyers of Nigeria and City of Peace Initiative Lagos. Abiye, established a mobile comprehensive library as part of a mass literacy and enlightenment campaign with specific focus on improving the reading andwriting skills of children. She initiated a popular reading program for children in schools, titled “Read-a-Book-a-Day”.

She is passionate about how children live, grow and the opportunities offered to them, she constantly engages with children and Teenagers to exposed them to knowledge. Her hobbies are counselling and writing. Her urgent desire is to establish a comprehensive Family and Child Development Centre. She will readily donate to any cause that protect and promote the well-being of children and peaceful families.

Her dream is to visit Rwanda, the East African Country some day.


Dero Daniels became qualified in Nigeria, as a Legal Practitioner in 2002. 

Her core practice area is commercial litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution. She’s a member of FemWise Africa, the Nigerian Bar Association, Business Recovery and Insolvency Practitioners, International Bar Association, and Insolvency International, she has a masters in comparative commercial law and is a Certified Mediator.

Bathabile K.S. Mthombeni, J.D, M.S. is the University Ombudsman for Binghamton University and the founder of Untangled Resolutions, providing mediation, workshop and process facilitation, leadership coaching, and organizational development services to organizations and communities. She is also the founder of Come Abide Here LLC, providing Racial Intelligence coaching and dialogue facilitation services primarily to White members of executive leadership teams and diversity, equity, and inclusion committees.

A cum laude graduate of Princeton University with an A.B. in sociology and certificates in African Studies, African American Studies, Women’s Studies and Visual Arts, she earned her J.D. from Columbia University. She earned a graduate certificate in Leadership and Executive Coaching and an M.S. in Leadership and Organizational Development from the Naveen Jindal School of Management from the University of Texas at Dallas.

Ms. Mthombeni first began mediating in 2004 where she trained in the Small Claims courts in New York City. After two years as a litigation associate at a Wall Street law firm, she began her career as an Organizational Ombudsperson at Columbia University. There she served as the Associate University Ombuds Officer from 2006-2010.

She spent a number of years serving on the roster of mediators for the New York City Civilian Complaint Review Board where she mediated disputes between police officers and civilians. She taught mediation and negotiation at John Jay College in Manhattan for three years. She accepted an offer to assume her current role as University Ombudsman at Binghamton University in January of 2015. She credits her time as a mediator at Occupy Wall Street as a pivotal experience.

During more than 15 years as a dynamic and gifted speaker, mediator, dialogue facilitator, and coach, Bathabile has helped thousands of individuals to untangle their dilemmas and identify their best paths. She strives to create unique and transformative experiences for her clients that reveal the essence of their truths.

Bathabile is a human companion to canine companions MuShu, Mandla, Carmel, and Bambi. She is an avid yarn crafter, podcaster/YouTube enthusiast, and a singer/songwriter/guitarist who has performed on New York City’s subway platforms and once lived in a tent.

Yolanda Collins is an Ombudsperson, a Certified Mediator for a US Federal Agency. She is a member of the three-person MBBI Ombuds Team with an extensive career in Negotiation and Conflict Management. Yolanda has over 15 years of experience as a mediator, and began her journey as a mediator and intake assistant with the Baltimore Community Mediation Program (CMP). With a solid conflict resolution foundation, she was selected as the first municipal Ombuds for the State of Maryland, City of Frederick Mayors’ Office and soon transitioned to be the first Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Advisor embedded in a national disaster for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) during Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. Now, she works as an ADR Mediator in the United States Federal Sector, mediating employment discrimination charges.

Yolanda Collins has been a part of the MBBI Ombuds Team since  2016 but has been attuning to the specifics of mediation and ADR for the past 15 years. Through her career as an Ombuds for the State of Maryland and for FEMA, she became aware of the fortitude of mediation as a more effective method of problem-solving than traditional law settlements. Her success on this statewide platform attracted the attention of FEMA. She became one of the founding members of the elite ADR Cadre, as on-call ADR Disaster Assistance Employee (DAE) to help mediate and problem solve internally with those who found themselves in the midst of conflict and working the immediate fallout of the devastating Hurricane Katrina. She was stationed in the disaster zone itself, allowing for “direct engagement with the workforce. I was living in the regions most affected by Hurricane Katrina. I would bike to each disaster site to help keep the mission forward.” FEMA soon realized the immense power an Ombuds has in a disaster operation and promoted Yolanda to the position of ADR Cadre of On-Call Response/Recovery Employees (CORE) serving as Division Chief. In this role, Yolanda helped further her work in the communities most affected by the hurricane with her mediation and negotiation prowess.

All in the span of two years, Yolanda jumped from Baltimore’s CMP to Maryland’s first municipal Ombuds to original membership of FEMA’s ADR Cadre of Advisors of DAEs and only Ombuds to the Cadre’s first ADR CORE, an embedded neutral in a national disaster. She characterized this rapid change as “the ability to be available and jumping in when the door of opportunity opens… even if you don’t know where you’re going to land. In a short time span, I had three ‘firsts’ Maryland Municipal Ombuds, FEMA ADR Advisor embedded neutral, and Mediators Beyond Borders International Ombuds.” And ever since, she has tried to continually incorporate self-determination and restorative justice practices as a way to focus on healing harms and resolving long-standing issues instead of solely coming to a consensus. While completing dual Master’s degrees in Human Service Administration and Negotiation and Conflict Management Studies at Coppin State University and the University of Baltimore, respectively, Yolanda became enthralled with the fluidity of applications and strategies of conflict resolution. She was honored by state of Maryland with the title of the first municipal Ombuds. Yolanda directly engages in the community she lives in by positively impacting the people that lived there.