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City of Peace Initiative, Lagos is a registered non-governmental organization and a chapter of International Cities of Peace™ a nonprofit, tax-exempt association dedicated to connecting, promoting, and encouraging the global cities of peace movement. We are building a practical, realistic, and achievable society, we are building the beloved community where conflict is resolved peacefully, nonviolently, and without hostility, ill will, or resentment. In the beloved community, we appreciate and recognize the inherent worth, dignity and value of all people, animals, and ecosystems.

City of Peace Initiative, Lagos a voice for the marginalized and a builder of the beloved community motivated by kindness, mutual respect, compassion, and love for all life. We work cooperatively to peacefully end prejudice, violence and injustice of all kinds.

We are a team of committed peace builders and mediators working to create an all-inclusive, non-polarizing network of world citizens working on the ground to bring peace to their communities.

City of peace initiative Lagos work in every community in Lagos state and collaborates and partners with individuals and organizations with similar objectives. We provide an independent, unaligned resource for the community, act as a non-polarizing source of information on local, national and worldwide peace issues and promote the ideal of a World Dream of peace as a consensus value in Nigeria, Lagos as a model.

CPI‘s purpose is to create a ground for common discourse, a ground for common, life-affirming action, to take firm action to formulate effective responses to the challenges facing our societies: in disputes, human rights violations, and persistent violence. Starting in our homes, schools, neighbourhoods and communities.

We strive to make the world a more humane dwelling place for ourselves and for future generations as we move toward a peaceful, just and ecologically-responsible future. We believe in the effectiveness of common action, one team and enlightened leadership to build a culture of peace, compassion, cooperation and solidarity.



To foster peace and non-violence as a consensus value in Nigeria, Lagos as a model.

To create a culture of peace from the community level up, to network, train, document, and work to make peace a consensus value through the City of Peace Initiative and the global Cities of Peace.

Our Core Areas


Peace Advocacy85%

Human Rights90%

Conflict Resolution100%



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